Culture course

Serving you through quality teaching is our passion. In order to help you know more about China and Chinese culture, we offer cultural courses ,2 hours for each class.

  • Basic Cultural Awareness
  • Chinese Characters
  • Chinese Food
  • Traditional Chinese Festivals
  • Traditional Chinese Art
  • Life in Chengdu



Are you experiencing a lot of culture shock while you are living in China? Have you ever been in some embarrassing situations because of a cultural misunderstanding? Did you get mad at some Chinese people’s words and their “crazy” behavior? “Basic Cultural Awareness” will help you to have a better understanding of Chinese people and their thoughts.


2,Chinese Characters and Culture

Chinese characters are one of the oldest forms of writing in the world, which have existed and been widely used for thousands of years. Nowadays, learning Chinese has become quite popular. But how much do we really know about Chinese characters? Who created Chinese Characters? What is the meaning and interpretation of these characters? What’s the connection between Chinese characters and Chinese culture? Come to the Chinese Characters and culture class and we’ll answer your questions!              


 3,Chinese Food

There is an old saying in China:“Food – the first necessity of man(mín yǐ shí wéi tiān).”  The culture of Chinese food is extensive and profound, and now Chinese food is popular all around the world. More and more people like to eat it, but do you know its history? Would you like to know some interesting stories about Chinese food? Do you want to learn to cook some delicious food yourself? Let’s dive into the world of Chinese food together!


4,Chinese Traditional Festivals

Traditional Chinese festivals are rooted in the traditional farming culture of ancient China. All the festivals have a unique flavor that reflect specific aspects culture, and demonstrate the vitality of Chinese civilization. They are related to the cultural spirit and national spirit, and play important roles in the development of society. But how much do we really know about these traditional festivals? What is the meaning behind them? What’s the connection between Chinese festivals and Chinese culture? Come to Chinese corner’s Chinese culture class and discover the answers.