TCSOL Chengdu Center

Chinese Corner (CC) has been serving the expat community since 2006 with its specialized one-on-one Mandarin teaching program. To date, CC is known for being one of the leading, and most professional Mandarin training institutions in Chengdu. Since its establishment Chinese Corner has served over 2000 foreign experts from over 70 different countries. We have offices in three locations: Tong Zi Lin, Eldo Garden (across from Carrefour in the Tong Zi Lin neighborhood) and Gao Sheng Qiao (Near the Southwest University for Nationalities). With 30 qualified, experienced, and well-trained teachers it brings dynamic, up-to-date, and effective teaching methods to Chinese language study. CC takes pride in providing exceptional tutoring to customers located in Chengdu including the foreign staff of the The Thai, French, and German Consulates, Chevron, Wipro, Volkswagen, Shell, Toyota, Intel, Hyundai, and Volvo.


Through many years of teaching and practice, our company already has developed strong research and training structures for teaching Chinese to non-native speakers. Faced with modern economic globalization and the growing international interest in learning to communicate in Chinese, our company carries on the cultural mission of “teach Chinese, spread culture, and walk under heaven.” We have been by certified by The International Association for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (IATCSOL) and have received English Pearson-EDI Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL) international Chinese teaching accreditation. Our aim is to provide students from different countries and various backgrounds with first-rate teachers who can help them to build a platform for sharing and exchanging culture and ideas. We aim to foster effective high-end Chinese teaching the can be geared to meet the various needs of students from different countries who have different learning styles. For us, being Chinese teachers is not just about being language teachers, it is also about sharing Chinese culture with the world.


Our ongoing mission is to promote the study of mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture.


 We hope that all of our expat friends can have a fun and relaxing Chinese language learning experience, and that they will be able to apply what they have learned in their everyday lives.  Come join us in making Chinese easier, and in making your cross-cultural experience more exciting!

Chinese Corner Ltd. (CCL) receiving TCSOL certification. Chairman of IATCSOL Yang Zhongxuan (left) and CCL General Manager Kevin He (right)

Chinese Corner Ltd. General Manager Kevin He speaking at the seminar

Group picture of the participants at the 2012 IATCSOL Annual

   Development Meeting