Amazing Chengdu (Outdoor)

These sessions will give you opportunities to visit some well known places in Chengdu and really get a grip on how to use Mandarin in real-life situations.

  • Enhance your interest in studying.
  • Experience Chinese culture.
  • Explore Sichuan’s culture and local customs.
  • Practice speaking in real-life situations
  • Have fun as you learn.




Apr 2013

Visit Scenery Spot

Cycling around Chengdu

May 2013

 Local Life

Weekend in countryside

Jun 2013

Chinese Festival

Celebrate Dragon boat Festival

Jul 2013

Summer Camp

Trip in Yi nationality autonomous region

Aug 2013

Summer Camp

Trip in Zang & Qiang nationality autonomous region

Sep 2013

Chinese Festival

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Day

Oct 2013

Experience Culture

Jin Sha Musical Drama

Nov 2013

Experience Culture

Sichuan Opera

Dec 2013

The Culture of Chinese Food

Eat Hot Pot

Feb 2014

The Culture of Chinese Food

Dumpling party

Mar 2014

Experience Culture

Visit Sichuan Museum

Start Time:April,2013;

Enroll Time:One week in advance;

For more informationplease email:

                                            or call: 028-85182816