About us

Chinese Corner (CC)has been serving the expat community since 2006 with its specialized one-on-one Mandarin teaching program. To date, CCL is known for being one of the leading, and most professional Mandarin training institutions in Chengdu. Since its establishment Chinese Corner has served over 3400 foreign experts from over 70 different countries. We have offices in three locations: Tong Zi Lin, Orchard Villas(TongZiLin DongLu No.3) and Eldo Garden (across from Carrefour in the Tong Zi Lin neighborhood) . With 30 qualified, experienced, and well-trained teachers it brings dynamic, up-to-date, and effective teaching methods to Chinese language study.

CCL takes pride in providing exceptional tutoring to customers located in Chengdu including the foreign staff of the The Thai, French, and German Consulates, Chevron, Wipro, Volkswagen, Shell, Toyota, Intel, Hyundai, and Volvo.

      Our curriculum offers a variety of different choices for those learning Chinese,including courses in Chinese culture, Survival Chinese, Business Chinese, and other useful Mandarin tools. Thus, students can cater their language study to meet their specific needs. Both one-on-one and group courses are available, and they can be held in one of our offices, your office or any place conducive to learning for you.

It is our pleasure to be of service to your company. Thus, we are available to set up an appointment at at time that is convenient for you to further discuss additional services that we offer, and the possibility of a free class demonstration for your perusal.


      We would love to hear from you soon, and hope that we can be a part of your exciting life and adventure in Chengdu!

We make Chinese easier,we make Life more exciting!      

Here at Chinese Corner, we value:

Life more than things.

Direction more than speed.

Attitude more than ability.

Relationship more than profit. 

1) Learner-centered

- Student satisfaction in all aspects of learning.

- Giving students a sense of accomplishment.

- fun-filled learning methods in an environment where it is safe to make mistakes.

2) Our teacher is your facilitator.

- Good attitude

- Sufficient knowledge

- Clear explanations

      3) Teaching Materials Supplement Learning

       - We focus on the learner's needs, not only the learning material.

      4) Learning through

       - listening,

       - watching/observing,

       - oral practice 

 5) Improve teaching quality by

 - Formulating study plans

 - Learning application

 - Learning assessment

The teachers at Chinese Corner 

  1. Good attitudes,
  2. Excellent guidance,
  3. Clear explanations,
  4. Constructive feedback

While learning, We help our learner can gain: 

  •  A sense of security:we will create an atmosphere where the learner can freely express himself/herself without fear of making mistakes.
  •  A fun learning learning experience: Students not only learn textbook knowledge, but practical communication skills.
  •  A sense of achievement: Students are able to see their progress.