1)Visit the Chinese Corner (CC) main office at Tongzilin:China Garden, Jinyuan 19-1-2A, Tongzilin Dong Lu #20, Chengdu

2)Fill out the enrollment form. Set an appointment for your FREE proficiency level assessment if needed.

3)CC will formulate a curriculum and study plan based on the information given by the student and the student’s proficiency level test results.

4)A class schedule will be arranged and a teacher will be assigned to the student.

5)CC will present this arrangement to the student, and once approved by both parties, an agreement form will be signed by the student.

6)Upon completion of the hours required for the whole course, an assessment will be conducted to check if the student has passed that level he/she is enrolled in, if needed.

7)Based on the test results, either a certificate of hours completed or of the course completed will be given to the student after 3 working days, upon request.




1)   Giving constructive feedback:  Students may email us anytime if they have any questions/comments about our service. Send your feedbacks to: info@chinesecorner.cn  for complaints:cdchinesecorner@gmail.com

2)   E-mail Evaluation:  Students will occasionally receive an email showing a link to evaluate teaching styles or methods of CC teachers.

3)   Class Assessment:  A experienced teacher will periodically visit a class to evaluate and monitor the teaching standards of CC.

4)   Student Assessment:Teachers will regularly assess students to ensure they are making progress in Mandarin learning and to ensure that the student’s goals are being met.

5)   Lesson plan:Teacher’s lesson plans are systematically checked and reviewed by a supervisor to enhance and properly regulate their teaching styles and methods.

6)   Please keep track of your class hours.We will regularly check how many hours you have studied.  Please keep track of your class hours.

7)Ongoing Teacher Training:CC is committed to giving our students excellent service from teachers with enhanced teaching skills, knowledge, and updated resources and materials, through teacher training programs conducted on a regular basis.