Our Teachers

Chinese Corner Cultural Education Consulting Co. Ltd has more than 30 professional and experienced teachers. 70% of the teachers either hold degrees in teaching Chinese as a second language, or they have TCSOL certification. Many teachers have experience teaching in the university setting and in Overseas Confucius Institutes. The selection process and training system for our teachers is strict and professional. We make sure that all the teachers are flexible in their teaching styles and abundant in knowledge.

Meet our Teachers…



Kevin He

• Sichuan Normal University        Major: Law 

• One of the pillars of Chinese Corner, have been teaching for almost 10 years and one of the most sought-after teachers in our company.
• Excellent in teaching all areas of Mandarin communication.

“My goal is to make your experience at Chinese Corner interesting and pleasant. I want to create a welcoming atmosphere that will make learning Chinese so much easier!”

Dawn Chen
     • Sichuan University      Master Degree: Arts 

• One of the pioneer teachers of Chinese Corner. Highly professional and skilled in teaching not only Chinese language but also Chinese art class like painting and calligraphy. 

“I am not just your teacher, but also your friend who will joyfully show and teach you everything you want to know about the charm of China, its language and culture.”

Susan Li
    • Beijing economic and technological institute   Major: financial management of enterprises
     • Also one of the pioneers of Chinese Corner who never stopped teaching since we started in 2006. A teacher who will captivate you with her beautiful smile and attractive dimples yet highly skilled in teaching higher level Chinese. 

Ivy Li
     • Xi’an Foreign Language University Major: English Language 
     • A well-loved teacher by her students. One of the backbones of Chinese Corner who is an expert not only in teaching Chinese but also English. French is her second foreign language and learned Korean too. 

“I am easy-going and love to make friends. Hope we can work together to make your life and learning easier in Chengdu.”


• Studied in France thus quite fluent in French. A teacher devoted not just teaching but making an extra-mile efforts for her students’ progress in Mandarin learning. 

“For me, Chinese class is not only about teaching and learning. It is also a place for sharing, understanding, helping and supporting. Hope to get to know you here, see you soon.”


       • Guangxi University       Master Degree: Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
     • An encourager, resourceful and efficient teacher who specialize
in teaching students useful Chinese that is closely related to their own daily life. Beside sharing culture things such as traditions and new policies, education system is an important part of her class. Her teaching materials vary from class to class, including text books, short movies, animations and so on. She has successfully helped many students (both individual and group class) from more than 20 different countries to study Daily Chinese and HSK.

                      “Making my class interesting and effective

                     deserves continuous exploration.”

    Cindy Rao

     • Sichuan Normal University       Major: Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
    • An amiable, patient teacher and passionate to teach spoken Chinese who diligently find ways to make her students love to study more.

    Melody Zhu

     • Wuhan University       Master Degree: Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
     • Specializes teaching pronunciation, oral skills and writing Chinese characters through games and other interactive means. 

“I will try my best to make sure that you will be an
 ‘Old China hand’ (中国通)”.


     • Chengdu University         Major: Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. 
     • Taught Chinese in Thailand for 2 and a half years and started to teach in Chengdu since she came back. 
     • Expert in teaching zero level Mandarin, daily-life Chinese, Chinese characters and the transition of the traditional and modern Chinese culture. 
     • Very knowledgeable in helping the foreign people know more about China and Chinese people which is her life’s pursuit. 


      • Sichuan International Language Studies University (Chengdu Institute)      Major: English Language     Minor: Foreign Office Administration
      • Presently teaching students from more than 10 countries. A very warm and caring teacher who goes out of her way just to make sure her students are improving in their learning goals like translating Chinese recipes and teaching Chinese songs. 
      • Expert in teaching oral and conversational Chinese

"I always enjoy the time with foreign friends. I am young but I have much passion for teaching Chinese. I just want to make Chinese happier and easier. Let's go and get it! "


      • Sichuan University       Master Degree: Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
      • Loves to help, to share and to learn. 
      • Excellent in teaching beginners

“There is a proverb in China, “wàn shì kāi tóu nán”, which means that everything is difficult at beginning. As long as we have the faith to do something, nothing is unbeatable.”

      • Sichuan University       Master Degree: Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
      • Sweet, bubbly and creative. She is good at making interesting learning props, like picture cards, cartoon things and so on. Her teaching style is vivid and logical. 

"Relax! Be patient and enjoy yourself. 
Learning Chinese should be fun."

      • Tianjin Foreign Studies University     Major: Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL)
      • 10 years teaching experience from learners America, England, France, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan and others. 
      • Skilled TCFL trainer in Sichuan University. 
      • Well liked by students for being easy-going and patient with them with very relaxed learning atmosphere. 

      • Sichuan University       Master Degree: Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
      • An experienced teacher who has a high level in English thus can explain lessons thoroughly to her students. 
      • A very people-person who gets along very easily with others which make her students comfortable in learning Mandarin with her. A traveler, coffee and music lover. By her hobbies, you will know how light-hearted she is. 

      • Sichuan Normal University       Majoring in: Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
      • A very qualified teacher who is open-minded, kind hearted and very enthusiastic in teaching Chinese who specializes in Chinese Calligraphy, writing characters and spoken Chinese. 

"Nothing seek, nothing find. Follow me to seek 
the interest of Chinese and Chinese calligraphy".

     • Leshan Normal University        Major: Japanese Culture & Language. 
     • Good at simplifying what seems complicated. 

      • Southwest University           Major: Political Science and Law
      • Licensed practicing lawyer and an experienced Mandarin teacher.
      • Very passionate in teaching Chinese especially topics about daily life concerns and finds joy in seeing her students’ journey in learning Chinese and its culture. 

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